We Care About Our World
Why we care

80% of the environmental footprint of a garment is decided at the design stage. It’s crucial to design sustainability into clothing from the outset. Here at Charles William Alexander, we design all our clothing virtually with no requirements for wasteful samples. The vast majority of fashion brands are not proud of where their garments are manufactured with many being in workshops in the poorest parts of the world with the workers earning below a minimum wage and in poor conditions.

One thing the pandemic has done has changed our minds about where things are made and by who. We are proud to say our pyjamas are ethically produced in the USA with our seamstress’s earning fair wages.

Shipped to us and you via DHL who have the most modern cargo fleet in the world which generates upto 18% less carbon dioxide than other shipping providers with all our shipments being carbon offset.

Sustainable materials

Cotton as a fiber is plant-based and as such is more sustainable than synthetic fibers. It is renewable and supports about 25 million people globally. Worn around the world, over 25 million tons of cotton are produced every year in around 85 countries. While still requiring water and pesticides Charles William Alexander is working with our suppliers to make more of our pyjamas from what’s called sustainable cotton it’s “cotton that’s grown carefully” with environmental and economic aspects considered.

This organic cotton uses no pesticides protecting the groundwater and soil from these harmful products.

Gentle packaging

Our bespoke boxes are Made in the UK. Using 70% recycled materials and virgin FSC (Forestry Standards Commission) certified trees. The glue is certified biodegradable, and the beautiful white paper cover is made from wood-free FSC certified pulp which is free from elemental chlorine, acid and heavy metals.

From the point of your order we are thinking about the environmental footprint of your CW Alexander’s!

Our mailing bags are made from 100% sugarcane being fully renewable, sugarcane captures and stores CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows, making it carbon negative. Our outer shipping boxes are made from FSC certified cardboard which is also 100% recyclable. 

We use linerless labels on all our dispatch operations this cuts down on 100% of waste no other fashion brand does this!

Offering you our Find a Fit ® service again cutting down on waste as you get the right size first time.

Love your CW Alexander’s forever so each one has been fitted with a QR code so you can scan it and find information such as the manufacture batch and unique
serial number of your PJ’s I mean how cool is that!

What we love