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Our First Shoot!

Our First Shoot!

CW Alexander comes to life

So I had planning this shoot for months with it finally coming together January 2022. Setting up for a photoshoot was no small task with many things to consider. This shoot being very DIY using a group of people i had got to know in the building of CW Alexander June 2021 to December 2021. My plan was to use the best of the best and my most familiar team. Photography was done by my friend Nick who had only ever done automotive! But wanted to give fashion a go so why not. He was supported by James who is an absolute master at lighting. I wanted to get this exactly right as we only had one shot. Jess helped me with all the planning and timings also poses and styling. Followed by our modling team a group of freinds i had got to know during the building of CW Alexander.

Leoni had a background in acting and had not done much modelling but was keen to give it a go. Ola had done some work for JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) So was a contact i had from that part of the world. With Daniella, Malone and Kieran all coming via my friend Nick. I had 7 colours in the classic collection to photograph, 6 different styles in the Marylebone collection and finally a full range of underwear covering 4 colours duplicated between female and male. I was lucky early on to make good friends with Jess who was amazing at helping me come up with some of the poses and looks. We designed a whole run sheet for the day which was no small task trying to fit in so many combinations. The timing went well with us being ahead of schedule by lunch time. This allowed us more time with the underwear and marylebone collection. Followed by some fun two up shots.

Classic Collection

I really wanted to focus on bringing out the fun side to CW Alexander so my poses and looks were a mix of silly and serious. Research into other brands mostly showed a really serious type look in the pyjama space so this was going to be something different. The bright colours of the classic collection really popped and it was just amazing to see it all come to life

The pyjamas the models were wearing were all pre production items and i had only had them for under 24hrs with everything so tight deadline wise Jess came in the evening before to help setup with steaming and Nick/James settting up the colorama background. Streight away i found out how good the finial production items were the visit was perfect with the quality truely amazing.

Final take

So once we got though the pyjamas it was time to do the underwear a much simpler set of images was required. We got though these pretty quickly then got onto some fun two up shoots with different poses.

Overall an amazing first shoot and really showed what you can fit in a day. We took over 5500 images with this being graded down to around 760 images. Thank you again to the entire team that helped me with this ambitious undertaking.