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Sleepwear to make them stare

Sleepwear to make them stare

Sleepwear that might make you stare?

I always knew a video might a great way to build some really cool wow factor around the brand and also generate a large amount of content. Something that every new startup brand needs. I wanted to do something fun but somehow involve a range rover which is how the link to the classic collection colours came about. The idea came from some long chats with Leoni about marketing ideas and maybe we could team up to make something.

Leaning on her experience we spent our spare time between February and May to come up with the film Sleepwear to make them stare. The film would follow the lines of everyone starting there day but running into each other at the end on a bus all realizing they are still in there pyjamas. With everyone seamlessly going unnoticed outside in there pyjamas.

The devil is in the detail

We spent many evenings storyboarding and planning in great detail every part of our little film. Right down to the exact locations of each shot and timing. We actually ended up over budgeting on timing for some shots but this worked well as the actual travel though London took longer with the bus. The bus turned up at exactly 11am and our extras were ready. We had a large mix of people mostly friends and friends of friends.

The bus scene went well with a route that was planned mainly to get outside shots of the bus with the CWA signage. My friend Kirsten did up some really cool period style posters for the inside of the bus as we wanted it to look like it was classic marylebone and this fit in with the mid 1960s Routemaster bus.