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USA friends fashion and Land Rovers

USA friends fashion and Land Rovers

Destination Oregon

I've been meaning to visit Oregon for quite some time. Over 13 years ago I purchased a steering box for my old land rover from a guy who ran a 4x4 business out of Springfield. We kept chatting and Ike and I ended up becoming good friends with the group growing on the 2018 Land Rover 70th in Australia. Followed by the 2023 Land Rover 75th where we undertook another epic journey! I took up the invite and flew to Portland to be met by not only Ike but Jenna, Linus and Maddi.

The first day was mostly pretty chilled with some exploring around the local area and a visit to the Pangolin 4x4 Shop. Also the local Springfield museam where Maddi works as the curator. Also of interest was Maddi's 1970s Ford F100 which she purchased for $1500 I had not driven a column shift for many years so was keen to give this a go! We then proceeded to the Willamette National Forest which i will cover in another post.

A visit to CW Alexander's manufacturing home Seattle

After 12 months of building CW Alexander a visit to Jennifer was more than overdue. While enroute i thought a quick top of was in order to Seattle, Washington. Jennifer's business Satsuma Designs is located in the University Village area of Seattle quite a cool area with plenty of bars and shops. Day one i visited the factory and discussed various projects followed by the afternoon in downtown. With some lovely Seattle weather to top it all off a visit to pike place market.

Jennifer had some work to do the following morning so I was free to travel about also get some work done on the side. Following this we headed out for a bit of a drive and a tour of the local area. The lakes around Seattle are amazing and there are some fantastic spots for outdoor adventures such as hiking and camping also lakeside BBQ's and picnics.